Why Us

Quality: Built from the ground up

Cabinets, Quality Built from the Ground Up

While the foundation of a house determines its structural integrity, the same can be said of a cabinet’s toekick. Although laminate furniture is suitable for dry applications, it becomes a disadvantage when used in high moisture areas, especially where liquid spills can accumulate at the base of cabinets. That is why we do not offer anything but steel toekicks on our cabinets to ensure your cabinets always have a firm foundation.

By its very nature, our cabinets can be configured to just about any setup you need. Our cabinets are never permanently fixed to the walls or floors allowing the cabinets to be swapped with additional cabinets over time should the need arise. Beyond this, our cabinets allow for component based changes to the cabinet itself. Suppose you need a file drawer instead of two box drawers in your current Steel Solutions cabinet. Most casework companies would require you to purchase a whole new cabinet and swap it out with the old one. Our modular system allows you to just buy the file drawer. The existing box drawers come out and are replaced with the file drawer saving time, money, and resources.

Welded cabinets do not allow for reconfiguration of components or replacement of individual parts. Easily convert fixed casework to mobile; 4 bolts remove the Toe Kick, 4 bolts add the mobile base or leg

Rivets vs Spotwelds

As with everything in life, the better something is made, the longer it will last. With such a variety of ways to construct a cabinet, it’s important to know what the differences are and the strengths and weaknesses of each in order to make an informed decision.

Here are just a few benefits of Rivets vs Spot Welding. Learn more and download our Fastener Comparison Document now.

  • Rivets have the same static tensile and peel strength but offer twice the fatigue life.
  • Process monitoring can be visually done with rivets while spot welds cannot. (You can have bad spot welds without knowing it.)
  • Rivets do not require heat. Heat can alter the metallurgical properties and make the product vulnerable to corrosion.
  • Rivets allow for reusability and recycling. Components can easily be removed with rivet construction and replaced offering reduced replacement costs, and the flexibility to reconfigure existing installations.

Green benefits

  • Steel cabinets contain 96% recycled steel. Stainless steel cabinets consist of 80% recycled material.
  • Our powder coat process eliminates the release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are prevalent with other paint methods.
  • Potential LEED Credits available with our casework (see brochure)

Variety of choices, yet easy to use catalog

While our cabinet selection is plentiful, we feel you will find our cabinet line very accessible and easy to navigate. Rather than showing every single cabinet available, we show every unique cabinet design and the dimensions they are available in. This approach eliminates the clutter and helps you locate the cabinet design you need quickly.

Variety of finishes

With our array of finish options available, the possibilities are numerous. Specify all steel cabinets, or for a different look, combine laminate fronts and sides on your cabinet to get the strength of steel and the look of wood-grain cabinets. Panel front doors and drawers are also available with acrylic glass design options, or steel inserts for an inset panel look.

Antimicrobial protection in every cabinet:

Steel Solutions USA cabinets are coated with an antimicrobially protected paint which is highly effective in reducing the number of contaminants on the surfaces of cabinets. This coating contains a silver solution additive called Agion®, an antimicrobial proven to be effective at inhibiting the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold and other microbes.

For a list of other environmental, financial and technical benefits, download our Why SSUSA.PDF