Modular Healthcare Casework & Workstations

We work with a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, doctors’ offices, research labs, clinics and much more.

Designers can choose from a variety of modular casework, modular wall systems and partitions, staff and storage lockers, tables, antimicrobial treated cabinets and worktops, as well as complete custom healthcare furniture components based on their needs.

Since our products are made from steel, they offer more durability, maintenance and easier cleaning, which is critical in all healthcare environments.

As hospitals, physicians and the healthcare industry as a whole continue to become more ingrained in patient experience and satisfaction is important to have fixtures and furniture you can move and reconfigure as needed.

Antimicrobial Treated Cabinets & Surfaces

Steel Solutions USA recognizes that in a healthcare environment, everything can become susceptible to contamination, aiding in the transfer of microbes. Our cabinets are coated with an antimicrobial paint which is nontoxic, yet highly effective in reducing the number of contaminants on the surfaces of cabinets. The coating contains a silver solution additive called Agion®, an antimicrobial proven to be effective at destroying drug-resistant bacteria, fungi, mold and other microbes. Download our Antimicrobial PDF