School & Educational Modular Storage Cabinets

We offer and steel case goods, fixtures and spaces to fit any educational application.

Durability, cleanliness and reconfigurations are critical to effective use of educational space – whether in a classroom, office, break room or lab and regardless of student ages. You need environments that resist mold, humidity, and insects, and holds up year to year.

Science Labs: Our cabinets, storage and worktops offer easier clean up since chemicals and experiments won’t soak into our products. They are also noncombustible, keeping lab spaces in great shape from year to year.

Classroom Storage and Arts & Crafts: Flexible storage for arts & crafts areas with lots of drawers, cabinets and storage lockers is a requirement.

Staff Areas: Teachers, administrators and school leaders need their own space. Using our modular components provides more options to adapt space as needed.

Music Rooms: Instruments are expensive and should be protected from class to class and year to year, not to mention from students throughout the day. Our storage solutions provide a durable environment that will keep instruments protected.

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